We’ve been helping thousands of people to obtain insurance coverage for the past 7 years. We continue providing high quality service and our clients are thankful!

TornikeDental technitian

Thanks for helping with Fidelis, I wasn't able to resolve my insurance issues until I found out about George! Efficient and professional service, top rating from me!

irakli oshoridzeDriver

thank you good and fast services!

tamari vartasashvilidispatcher

I would like to thank George Korganashvili for great work and fast communication!!

Yelena FrolovaBaby sitter

Great services!

GiorgiCNC operator

I am very satisfied with your service. Special thanks to your colleague Giorgi Korganashvili


Спасибо большое за фикс!!!

Mamuka SaparidzeDriver

Thank you very much for such a fast and excellent service. Many thanks to Giorgi! He is also a professional and the strongest person in his field. good luck! I am very satisfied with your high quality service!


Thanks for helping me George! You are one the best Georgian agent in Brooklyn!


George Korganashvili thank you for your good work, and taking care of me in a good timely manner. You are the best agent ever!


Thanks Rustam Dashevskyy! He helped me and my husband get medical insurance quickly and efficiently. We have already recommended to several people and will continue to recommend! Good luck in job!

IrinaMechanical Engineer

I had great experience with applying for healthcare insurance. Rustam Dashevskyy was friendly and caring. Also he is very professional, efficient, and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend him if you’re looking for Fidelis agent.

Great service! Thank you!


I asked for help to renew my Fidelis insurance, and Rustam helped me. Very skilled and pleasant to deal with. I was served quickly. Very grateful.

Gary Galletta Broker Manager

Gulia and Rustam are top-notch brokers. They are the most professional and caring brokers that I know of. It's been a please to work with them over the years and I look forward to many more. Thank you both for all you do!!

GeorgeInterior Designer

I would like to thank Giorgiy Kogranashvili for his great work!. He is very attentive and professional person I am very appreciated ..


  Excellent service, Giorgi is very professional , thanks for your help

Erhan ErkusAcademician

I would like to thank you one of your agent Rustam Dashevskyy who is located Brooklyn/Emmons Ave. He is really professional and enormous helpful person since my wife’s pregnancy until the delivery he helped every single point of process and he followed our baby’s due date before we told he also did insurance for him. He is the best don’t lose him!

ZakirMedical Field

I want to express my gratitude to Rustam for the quick and professional registration of my medical insurance.


Thank you Rustam for the fast and quality work. I recommend.

Angelina ShevchenkoReal Estate Broker

Rustam was very polite and helped me to solve the problem I had. First I called Fidelis and tried to talk to someone, but no one, but a robot, replied. I tried to call few times, the result was always the same - nothing. Then I remembered about Rustam, so I called and in a few minutes he called back, listened to me, explained everything and then he said what I should do.
Thank you, Rustam! You saved my nervous cells


I received a great help from Gulya. Fast work. Great result. Excellent work!!!

Nino OkropiridzeFinance professional

დიდი მადლობა გულისმიერებისთვის და ოპერატიულობისთვის. გისურვებთ წარმატებებს. Thank you Giorgi Korganashvili for getting me Fidelis Insurance!



Какое счастье, когда встречаешься с человечностью вместе. Рустам это находка, когда сложные вопросы решаются без единого напряжения и способа настройки. Спасибо за то что вы есть! Спасибо за то, как вы работаете! Спасибо за то что вы с нами! Thank you Essential Care!


I want to thank Rustam for prompt and responsive work on opening insurance for me and my family. I choose Fidelis as the best plan for me and my family. Thank you Rustam Dashevskyy! Thank you Essential Care Insurance Agency!

Mariia KUZNETSOVAСтудент

Рустам очень опытный сотрудник. Подробно обяснил, как пользоваться услугами страховой компании. Мы оформили страховые полюса для каждого семьи, даже малыша. Главное, что все наше общение происходило на русском языке, что для меня было очень важно. Огромное спасибо, за работу! Теперь буду рекомендовать отличного специалиста своим друзьям и знакомым из города New-York!!!

Inessa S.Technical designer

Thanks Rustam Dashevskyy for informative meeting and choosing appropriate health insurance Fidelis for my current situation.
Rustam is good listener, very helpful and eager to find solution for your medical insurance needs. I highly recommend Essential Care .

Larisa Shafir

Larisa ShafirRetired engineer

Rustam has been working with me to navigate through all kinds of insurance plans so that I can fully understand them and feel good about the choices I make. He is extremely patient and sits with you until you have exhausted all of your questions and he knows that you understand your options. I would highly recommend him and Essential Care to anyone!

Mikhail Papyan

Mikhail PapyanDistrict Manager

I would like to thank Rustam and Gulia for helping my wife. The biggest concern was to find insurance plan for my wife and not change her doctor. Gulia was able to quickly find the right plan and provide clear explanation. My wife got insurance just for $20 a month and didn't change her doctor to whom she goes for many years. I will definitely recommend Essential Care to all my friends!


MishaEntertainment Agency

Essential Care Team did a phenomenal job for my business and family. The best service from A to Z. Rustam was available 24/7 to assist and to answer questions. Totally recommended!



Rustam is always pleasant to work with. He goes above and beyond to meet the needs of members. Always hands on and available to answer questions anytime of the day.

Kiril Belov

Kiril BelovPhotographer

Fast, clear, convenient. I will recommend to everyone! Thank you very much for the help!

Anatoly Masterovoy

Anatoly MasterovoyTechnical Recruiter

Rustam is amazing!!! I was looking for a great deal for insurance and he hooked me up and made everything so easy and flawless.

Bakhtiyar (The Bullet) Eyubov

Bakhtiyar (The Bullet) EyubovProfessional Boxer

I cannot express how grateful I am to Rustam and Essential Care for their professional service. I am a professional boxer and health insurance is extremely important in my life. Rustam and Essential Care were able to promptly find an affordable health insurance coverage for me. Thank you Rustam! Thank you Essential Care team!

Mark Kharzis

Mark KharzisBusiness Development Director at Today's Homecare, Inc.

Working with EssentialCare is very easy! Just few minutes of discussion with Rustam and Gulia and all difficult questions are gone, as they have huge experience. You don't need to explain many times they understand you from the first minute of conversation and suggest you the best way to get benefits in the short period of time. I am recommending them based on the experience of my company needs! They constantly helping me out with employees of Today's Home Care.



Rustam has been my main guy for any health services I've needed in the past. He's always been helpful and feel healthier for having met him... recommend him?!...yeah sure, with my eyes closed. Thank you Rustam!

Dmitry R

Dmitry RNetwork/Voice Engineer

Incredibly knowledgeable in their field. Came to see them not expecting the level of professionalism and dedication. They were able to find me the plan that has all my doctors and cost me a lot less than what some other insurances and brokers offered me. Very pleased and highly recommend! Great service! Thank you EssentialCare.

Ilhom Huseynov

Ilhom HuseynovCEO Transportation company

I recently had insurance issues during pandemic, I had many issues with the costumer service and the representatives who took a while to figure out the issue. I have contacted Rustam to help me out to get back on my plan. He patiently listened to all of the issues I was facing. He was a big professional who got me back on the plan as fast as possible.

Hanna M.Self Employed

Thanks to Rustam for the quick assistance in obtaining insurance. I applied for the first time and I was lucky to work with such a professional! He explained everything to me in details , suggested which plan to choose. And which one is right in my case. Thanks again!

Inessa Alexis Green

Inessa Alexis GreenMedical field

Rustam is an excellent specialist in his field,he has been helping me resolve all issues with my health insurance for the past six years! He is competent, attentive and responsive person, positive and sincere. He will always help to solve any issue and advise the best, I am very grateful to him for his help and support. I recommend him as a provider to my friends and acquaintances and to everyone who needs help in obtaining good health insurance and competent decisions and recommendations.


InaraSelf Employed

Выражаю особую благодарность Рустаму за его оперативную работу, обратную связь и отзывчивость! Его профессиональные навыки и большой опыт в своём деле помогли в кратчайшие сроки оформить необходимые для меня документы! Обратилась в первый раз по рекомендации друзей и не пожалела о своём выборе! Работа была выполнена качественно , быстро и аккуратно, при минимальном моем личном участии. Очень приятно, что вы заботитесь о своих клиентах и цените их время! Рустам, пусть Ваша компания и команда и дальше плодотворно развивается в своём направлении, успехов Вам в работе и благодарных клиентов!

Eleina Pomerants

Eleina Pomerantsself employed

I am grateful to have such caring an attentive agent like Rustam. He took the time to listen to our needs and found a perfect plan for our family. We are grateful for his knowledge and attention. Highly recommend his services.


ВячеславAdvertising manager

Рустам и его команда - просто шикарнейшие профессионалы в области мед страхования! Могу смело порекомендовать их всем, кому нужна помощь знающих специалистов в этих вопросах. Так держать!



Rustam is very professional and helpful. Always find ways to help his clients. Very polite and respectful, fast responder. Highly recommend his service!

Janet DikovHHA

I appreciate the service provided by Gulia and wanna say Big "Thank You" to her. She was very helpful with all the information, explaining everything with excellent knowledge. So fast, responsible person! Highly recommended! Thank You, Gulia! Stay healthy in these Pandemic time !


Я очень доволен этой компанией и отдельно хочу сказать огромное спасибо Рустаму за то что мы сделали такое важное дело так быстро и легко! Я всегда с чистой совестью порекомендую Ваши услуги! Большое спасибо!


SvitlanaH+H Community Engagement

Phenomenally!!! Rustam and his team were extremely knowledgeable and kind to work with. They made the enrollment process so easy. Knowing they will provide their professional expertise for future needs is a wonderful service. I am very grateful!!! Recommend EssentialCare to everyone!

Iryna Kalashnyk

Iryna Kalashnykpermanent tattoo art

If you need to quickly make insurance and get answers to your questions, you can safely rely on the opinion of Rustam, a professional in his field, I will recommend as a good specialist to all my friends.


I work on my insurance plan with Rustam for 3 years already. He help me a lot every time I need it. He explains me all details and navigates through all questions I have. In the end of my plans he always try to find me a better option. And I always satisfied with decision that I made with his help. Thanks a lot Rustam.

Anton MartynovPhotographer

Rustam is a life saver. Very quick, seamless and most importantly efficient work by him. He gets things done, what more can you ask. I'm very happy with my plan that he helped me to set up. I'm recommending Rustam to all my friends.

Angela Shor

Angela ShorManager in a medical office

I work with Rustam for a few years already, very polite and helpful. Never had a issue with him, very recommended

YuliyaSelf Employed

Приношу огромную благодарность Рустаму за очень быстрое реагирование в оформлении Страховки!!! Могу с уверенностью посоветовать этого профессионала в своём деле всем кому нужно оформить страховку , это действительно очень профессионально, быстро и качественно!!!! Спасибо вам огромное!!!!:)))

Maryna Fedonenkoself employed

Was going to change my insurance and thought that it's gonna take a long time to do that but Gulia made everything so fast for me in less than an hour. Thank you so much I'm so happy that I have my new insurance now! Will definitely recommend to my friends working with you!

ViktoriiaDVM, PhD

Рустам, хочу поблагодарить Вас за отличную работу, хороший сервис и индивидуальный подход к каждому! Мы пользуемся Вашими услугами уже не первый год и очень довольны, спасибо огромное! Удачи и процветания!

Ladoself employed

This was great job thank you for your help!


ElviraTourist manager

Thanks Rustam for my insurance, it was ready very fast , he answered all my questions, polite man . I am glad very much now I can visit doctor and get my pills

Andrew HonManager

I wanna recomend Rustam to anyone as very patient broker which decides all aspects of insurance with very high professionalism. Contact with him and you will see yourself...


VictoriaManager in laser spa

I was recommended Rustam by my lawyer and didn't regret for a second. Within an hour I got my insurance with the plan that suits all my need. Very polite, professional and ready to answer all of your questions immediately! Strongly recommend him to everyone! Thank you Rustam for your help!


Спасибо большое вам за организованность,скорость и качество выполнения! Обязательно буду вас рекомендовать!

YevheniiaLogistics manager

I want to thank Gulia for her professionalism and customer orientation. Your service is phenomenal! Clear answers to all my questions, simple and very quick procedure of registration

Muzhda NBusiness

Gulia Dashevskyy is outstanding agent. I needed insurance for my mother in law and she got it done in very short time. Right after receiving her insurance card, my mother in law had internal bleeding and we had to take her to emergency room. Everyone knows how big is medical bill, specially when you end up in emergency room. But thanks God, I've met Gulia who made it so easy for us. Now we have to worry only about my mother in law's condition and not about the bills... Highly recommend!

ShamshodSelf employer

Very grateful to agent Rustam. Friendly, responsible and helpful. He helped with the insurance. Now we will only contact him about the insurance.

Aleksandr MikheevSelf-employed

Rustam is very professional and responsible person. Highly recommend him!

LilyCustomer service manager

I am very happy with everything and beyond grateful for Rustam's help who made everything quick and easy. Would definitely recommend and again - thank YOU so much!


We had a great experience with Rustam and Fidelis Insurance. He walked us through the whole process of applying for an insurance plan and getting health care in just a couple of days. Thank you very much, we really appreciate your work!

Kejsi DibraSales advisor

Rustam is the most hardworking and dedicated person in this field. I would recommend him anytime because he make sure to assist everyone for their needs and he is always ready to help with anything. Rustam is the best and he does an excellent job to help clients.

Svitlana Sishchuk

Svitlana SishchukStay at home mom

A friend of mine recommended Rustam to me. And it was the best recommendation for all time. I did not regret it for a minute. My family and I needed to change our insurance plan. And we have a great experience with Rustam. He is an excellent agent! Rustam is professional, polite and very helpful. I will recommend him to all my friends. We thank Rustam so so much!

Halyna Chervinko

Halyna ChervinkoStudent

My friend advised me to contact Rustam for insurance assistance. Rustam explained all details for me. He was very polite and patient to all my questions. In very short time he helped me to get very good insurance plan. Thanks a lot. If you are looking for insurance assistance, Rustam is the best!

irene zalSpeech language pathologist

My father was referred to Rustam for his medical insurance questions, so when I had my own, he sent me directly to him. Rustam been has absolutely amazing to work with. He answered all my questions swiftly and efficiently. He is super knowledgeable in his profession. He was able to address all my concerns in full confidence. I would wholeheartedly recommend his services. I will be referring all family and friends to him in the future. Thank you, Rustam!!

Natalia DrugasovaHostess

Hi everybody! Usually I'm not a person to write feedbacks, but today was a day, when I want to write some words about Rustam and his team. Thank you very very much guys! You can't imagine how much glad, You make me feel right now. Before It seemed to me that I should to climb the mountains ,but after our conversation you make it so simple and so easy to have my Insurance,finally. Thank so so much! Good luck to you and to your team. You are very, very good, very professional and very friendly.


I am very thankful to Rustam, he is helped me to make insurance for me. He explained everything clearly , and was very professional.

Tamari MeshvelianiSelf Employed

I want to thank Rustam. He helped me make insurance, choose a plan and answered all my questions. A specialist in his field, I recommend everyone to contact him. thank you


I want to thank Rustam for his professionalism! helped me with health insurance so quickly! so polite and professional.


I am very grateful to Rustam for his professional work


Thanks a lot for helping with my insurance, I appreciate. I really recommend Rustam because he is very professional and can help to do your insurance

Andrew LitovskyPharmacy

Where do I begin...I was recommended to give Gulia a call because my old insurance has lapsed. She worked her magic within hours and got back to me with the perfect insurance for my needs. I highly recommend anyone who needs health insurance to go through this agency as they are professional, timely, and experts. 5/5!

Zhanbolat KaipovTower climber

Rustam is amazing.He is really fast and professional guy.I will recommended for everyone, thank you for your help.I really appreciated you.


I was so nervous thinking about how I'm going to get health insurance for my husband during these crazy times. I definitely wasn't looking forward to this phone call but after talking to Rustam for ONLY 2 min he was able to help me right away! Not even 5 min after hanging up he called me back and everything was done! This was the easiest and most stress free process I have had to deal with in a long time. I am so grateful and I would highly recommend to everyone!! Excellent service


Thank you very much to Rustam for his help in selecting insurance and its registration. I visited 6 insurance agents, but I didn't find anyone more professional than Rustam. A very experienced insurance agent with knowledge of the legal framework, will answer all your questions. I also want to note a very good attitude to customers.


Rashidtech product maker

I was referred by a friend to contact Rustam as I was looking for getting a new health insurance for myself and my wife. When I called Rustam and asked for his advice and help, he gave me a clear picture of what options would work best in my situation. I could tell that he was very knowledgeable in what he does and very fast in getting things done. It took him about 15 minutes to get me and my wife a new health insurance plan which to be honest is 10x faster than I actually thought. I will definitely recommend him to my friends. Thank you Rustam and best of luck to you.


That's so amazing... everyone was telling I couldn't get Fidelis however Rustam did it in a minute! Thank you so much! Highly recommending to work with him. Best of the best ones.

Ruslan YskakovGrad student

Very satisfied! Rustam impressed me with his high level of professionalism. He got everything he needed and took care of my family members account in short period of time. His "can do" do attitude reflects in his friendly manner. He made sure that I understand not only paperwork but also what kind of services my insurance covers. Highly recommend Rustam and his team!

Alibi ZhumagulovTruck driver

Rustam is a man who knows his job. He's very polite, friendly, and he does everything very quickly.


Рустам и его Команда! Супер профессионалы! Чётко, быстро и профессионально. Даже подумать не могла, что так оперативно будет оказана помощь. Спасибо Большое! Дай Бог, Вашей Команде, Успехов и Удачи! Рекомендовать будем всем. Будьте Здоровы и Счастливы!

IslamTruck driver

На самом деле было очень удивительно быстро оказана мне помощь в получении страховки! За три года я и подумать не мог, что могу получить страховку. Спасибо огромное Рустаму за профессионализм и делать невозможное! Кому нужна страховка, исключительно только к нему! Ещё раз огромное спасибо.

Maftuna KhabibullaevaAccountant

Miracles happen with Rustam... this is only one person who could help me with medical insurance. He is professional, very nice person and man who keeps his word. I highly recommend to contact only Rustam if you need medical insurance because everything is possible with this professional!

PaulVP of Business Operations

True professionals who provide excellent services. Strongly recommend. Don't hesitate to deal with this company. You will be 100% satisfied with the outcome and results. Thank you so much for helping.

Eddie LeybermanSelf employed

Rustam is the most professional knowledgeable individual in this space with quick communication and understanding of the programs available in New York State. Pleasure to work with him. I have the utmost confidence in his decision making.


Rustam is amazing ! Real pleasure to work with, He is highly knowledgeable, professional, responsible and fast. He helped me get insurance in just one hour, I didn't even know it is possible. I highly recommend him for all your insurance needs. You will not be disappointed.

IrinaSelf Employed

Огромная благодарность Рустаму за супер быстрое оформление страховки. Большое Вам спасибо, обязательно буду Вас рекомендовать


Rustam helped me a lot.. working with him was smooth easy and timely mannered... I highly recommend him to everyone, because of professionalism and patience with customers. Thank you, Rustam!


Rustam has been working with me to choose a plan, he such a great person. He is extremely patient and he knows that you understand your options. I would highly recommend him.

DeaSelf Employed

I didn't know I could get Fidelis. That's amazing. Rustam did it for me so easily. The best.

Tatiana Ross

Tatiana RossFinance

Dear Rustam Thank you so much for getting my aunt health coverage. You are very professional and diligent and helped us to find the solution. Thanks a million!!

Ingrida GuzmanSelf Emplyed

I am very grateful to Rustam for getting my health insurance . I would like to recommend Rustam as a professional , responsible and helpful agent .


Thank you Rustam for your professionalism! Will recommend you and Essential Care to all of my friends!

Elena SavcencoHealth Care

I would like to thank Rustam for his help in obtaining my health insurance very fast. He is incredibly knowledgeable and is a great insurance agent. I am grateful for his professional work. I highly recommend him !!!!


Hey! The insurance was done in an incredibly short time and there was no need to go anywhere. The work was done at the highest possible level. I am amazed at the quality of Rustam's work. Thank you for your professionalism.

Marine PurtseladzeSelf-Employed

It's a great pleasure to work with Rustam on insurance plans. I have never been so satisfied with the time frame and convince of getting service. He was very helpful when I was provided with the most comfortable insurance plan and just now when he helped my son and his wife to get very good insurance plan. I would like to extend my gratitude to Rustam and I strongly recommend him to anyone.


Большое спасибо Рустаму за оперативную помощь в решении нашего вопроса! Обратились по рекомендации друзей и остались очень довольны.

PaulaSelf Employed

Rustam has been working with me to navigate through all kinds of insurance plans so that I can fully understand them and feel good. Thank you bro

Palina O.BMedical field

Рустам, спасибо вам огромное за быструю помощь в оформлении страховки, за ценные советы и за обратную связь . Очень рада что попала именно к вам ! 5 звёзд️️️️️

Alona StepaniukWeb designer

Appreciate to Rustam by heart, he is amazing! He is an excellent specialist in his field, very polite and helpful. Very quick, seamless and most importantly efficient work by him. I needed to change our insurance plan and I am very pleased with everything and immensely grateful for the help of Rustam, who made everything quick and easy. I would like recommend Rustam to anyone! Thank you!


Rustam did a great job! Very polite and hardworking. He quickly helped to arrange insurance and explained everything quite clearly! Thank you very much!

Alena Sadouskayaself employed

Fast, helpful, sociable, very responsive. Rustam answered all questions. Recomend for everyone. Thank you so much, I really appreciate.